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Mag-Tek have established themselves in the East Rand as a customer orientated Mag Wheel Repair company
We go to great lengths to ensure a high quality repair with a fast turnaround time, minimising the amount of time clients are without a spare wheel.
We also carry a range of "Loan Wheels" to accommodate clients with Run-Flat wheels and thus have no spare wheels

Mag-Tek are committed to repairing wheels to the best mechanical and cosmetic finish possible. This includes all types of colours and polishes as found on the market today

We offer an on-site scratch and scuff removal service to both the Motor Industry and private vehicle owner.

Mag-Tek offers a wheel customising service for the restoration or modification enthusiast.

We also stock a comprehensive range of wheel nuts and bolts, lock nuts and spigot rings



How To find us:

Mag-Tek have moved to a safer, more secure and central location.

Please note the new address:

Cnr Osborne & Rendell Rds


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We still offer a collection and delivery service to the trade

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Mag Repairs

All lead times are approximate
We are able at times to expedite to meet urgent requirements
Please note,  a limited range of loans wheels are available  on request




Mag-Tek offer an on-site cosmetic repair service to remove scratches and pavement scuffs, we come to you and effect repairs wherever the car is. Good lighting and ventilation is all we need

Repair Only

A basic repair to damage on only the back of the mag wheel.

  • Requires no welding or cosmetic repair
  • Lead – Time: Either Same or Next day


Repair and Weld

Similar to “Repair Only” but the damage is a little more severe in that the wheel is cracked and as such requires welding.

· Requires no cosmetic repair

· Lead – Time: Either Same or Next day


Full Repair

Wheel is damaged on the “Face” and requires painting

· Due to the repair process, the wheel requires painting

· Paint varies from the standard silvers to the more exotic chrome silvers.

· Lead – Time

Standard Silvers: From 3 – 5 working days

Chrome Silvers: From 3 - 5 working days


Full & Weld

Similar to a “full repair” but the wheel also requires welding

· Lead-Time: From 3 – 5 working days.



· Polished lips

o Damaged lips require polishing. Available in Hi-Shine or Diamante-Cut

o Lead Time : Approx. 1 working day

· Full face Polish

o Face of the wheel requires re-polishing and painting.

o Available in Hi-Shine or Diamante-Cut

o Lead – Time: Approx. 5 - 7 working days



· PCD Change

o Bolt holes can be modified on most wheels

o Lead – Time: Approx. 7 working days

· Widening

o Wheels can be widened by up to 2’ either on the lips or the backs

o Lead – Time: Approx. 10 working days



Aluminium Welding specialists.

Contact us for fast turn around times and quality workmanship at competitive prices